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Robots.txt Generator

Padrão - todos os robôs são:  
Atraso de rastreamento:
Mapa do site: (deixe em branco se você não tiver) 
Robôs de pesquisa: Google
  Google Image
  Google Mobile
  MSN Search
  Yahoo MM
  Yahoo Blogs
  DMOZ Checker
  MSN PicSearch
Diretórios restritos: O caminho é relativo ao root e deve conter uma barra final "/"

Agora, crie o arquivo 'robots.txt' no seu diretório raiz. Copie o texto acima e cole no arquivo de texto.

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What Is The Robots.Txt File? How To Create It?

A robots.txt file is simply a file that instructs web crawlers like Google’s crawler which crawls your content to index your website, what to do when it hits certain areas of your site. Most robots.txt files are pretty simple, and the majority you see will have maybe just a couple of lines in them covering a couple of areas of the website, but some might be a lot more complex.

It is a text file residing in the root directory of your website and gives search engines crawlers instructions as to which pages they can crawl and index.

One of the first things you need to check and optimize when working on your technical SEO is the robots.txt file. A problem or misconfiguration in your robots.txt can cause critical SEO issues that can negatively impact your rankings and traffic.

Create Robots.Txt File Using Robots.Txt Generator In Ceevee-Seotools.Com

In ceevee seotools website you can get free tool to create your robots.txt, which is Robots.txt Generator.

Just go to the tool and enter the required details using an easy dropdown list.

The first dropdown is “Default – All Robots are” which allows you to select give permission to allow or refuse all robots by default.

The second option is to allow you to select crowl delay time. the given options are 5, 10, 20, 60, and 120 seconds. Or you can select the “No Delay” option too.

Next, it gives you an option to enter your sitemap URL. Leave blank if you don’t have one.

After that our tool gives you a better option to include robots as your wish. Lastly, you can enter your restricted directories. Next, simply click “Create and save as robots.txt” and upload it to your root directory.

If you want to read more about Robots.txt please visit our main website which is ceeveeglobal or visite the article… Read More »