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Über Keyword Position Checker

Keyword position checker is a tool to help you find out your website position for certain keywords. The people who know about queries can do this manually using search engines. But still, it will be a time-consuming task. And who does not know about queries, can not do this by own.

What is the Keyword Position is?

For instance, you own or maintain a website about “WordPress”. So you want to know the position in Google your website is, for a certain keyword. Our site’s position hold in the google search engine for keyword “WordPress” is called the keyword position.

Using our free keyword position checker tool, you can easily check the keyword position of your website for given keywords. This is a fully functional tool that is completely free for unlimited use.

How To Use Free Keyword Position Checker?

You should have your domain name and your keywords before starting this process.

Then You have to enter the domain name in the first place.

Then in the second box ‘keyword’, just enter your target keywords. If you want to enter more than one keyword, add each keyword in a separate line.

The next step is the ‘check position up to’ option. By default, this number is set to 50. Which means the free Keyword checker will check up to 50 positions. But you can change this value from 50 to 500. With this option, you can narrow your search result.

At last click, the button called Find Keyword Position. You have to wait a few seconds to a couple of minutes according to your given information and the options you are selected. Then you will have nice final results.

Final word.

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