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What is Plagiarism And How to Remove them?

Plagiarism is when you use someone else's words or ideas without crediting the source and pass it as your own. It's ok to use others' words and ideas, but you have to cite them. Committing plagiarism might save you time for a short while but it comes at a high price. Depending on your institution's rules and the type of plagiarism, you might: fail your course or even get suspended or expelled from your university.

Let's talk about 5 types of plagiarism you might encounter. Although they differ in severity, it is still not acceptable to commit any kind of plagiarism, and plagiarism checkers like CeeVee Plagiarism Checker can detect most of them very easily.


Verbatim plagiarism, also known as copy and paste plagiarism as its name suggests, is when you directly copy and paste text from a source without citing the author.


Patchwork, or mosaic plagiarism is you copy phrases and ideas from different sources and put them together to create a new text.


The most common type of plagiarism is Paraphrasing plagiarism


Global plagiarism is when you take someone else's work entirely and use it as your own.


You can also commit plagiarism by reusing the work you've previously submitted. This is called self-plagiarism.